my name is Maximilian and this is my resume

About Me

I am currently studying at the University Of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg where I am attending the Interactive Media masters degree program. In my free time I like to code, I also have various freelance projects, where I code various web applications. One of my biggest hobbies is to realize interesting web related projects as i always try to learn some new technology to further increase my knowledge of realizing web based projects. I feel very confident in the front end as well as in the back end. Basically I turn fastfood and coffee into code.

Education / Life Events

  • 2017

    Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering ūüéČ

    After studying 4 years in the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg i finally finished my Bachelors degree in Software Engineering. My time in Hagenberg is not over yet as I am already attending the Master's program Interactive Media.

  • 2013

    Started studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg

    Ever since 2013, I have been studying Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg and I really enjoy learning new programming languages and techniques and in fact I can't wait to gather more experience.

  • 2012

    Social Year at the Red Cross

    Instead of going to the army, every young man in Austria has the possibility tho choose 9 months of social work instead of 6 months at the army. I worked at the Red Cross in my hometown as a paramedic. At this point it was clear to me that I wanted to study in Hagenberg.

  • 2006

    Started going to Gymnasium

    In Austria the Gymnasium comes after the primary school. For 8 years of my life I was student in the Bundesgymnasium Vöcklabruck in my hometown. I chose not to go to a specialized school because with my 15 years I didn't really know what to study yet but I already was a computer enthusiast then.

  • 2001

    Started going to Primary School

    In Austria primary school lasts 4 years and after that you can choose which school you want to attend. For me it was clear to go to the school all of my siblings already went to.

  • 1993

    I was born in Vöcklabruck

    The year where IT-People were real nerds (not only classified as such and nerd is not meant in a bad way here) and one did know little about the Internet, I saw the light of day.


Agentur MINT
2017 - now
Full stack Web Application Programmer
During my internship I had to program several web applications mainly by using the ReactJS webstack with all necessary frameworks that are common to use with this kind of stack. I am also in charge of programing a partner frontend web application for the startup MyClubs where I can fully utilize my web application programming knowledge. The project requires front end development knowledge as well as backend programming knowledge. I am still working for the agency as I am continuing the project. I am still working 20 hours a week for the project.
Agentur MINT
Frontend Web Application Programmer
In summer 2016 i worked at a Web Agency in Vienna for 2 months in which i had to program a web application for CISCO. In that time i got in touch with modern JavaScript/ECMAscript and with ReactJS in conjunction with Redux.
Softwerk Wels
Front/Back end developer / PHP programmer
In my lecture free time of the summer 2015, I worked at a Software company in Wels, Austria. I learned much about Web-development and the use of frameworks and PHP. My colleague and I worked on a web application for managing large amounts of company data and adequately displaying it to the user.


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